Digital Literacy to MSMEs

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March-August 2020




The need of understanding basic digital literacy among the micro and small enterprises and underemployed youth has been identified by the survey done by The Asia Foundation.  We believe that having the understanding of basic digital literacy will help MSME groups of these three targeted business categories: Tourism, Hospitality,  Home-based products and Food, become better at their job. Digital Literacy Training is a part of the Go Digital ASEAN initiative of The Asia Foundation and under the support of This  initiative is designed to: equip micro and small enterprises and underemployed youth, particularly those in rural and isolated areas, with crucial digital skills and tools; expand economic opportunity across ASEAN Member States; and minimize the negative impact from the COVID-19 crisis.

InSTEDD in charge of the technical part designs the most suitable curriculum and gives out training to people who will not only use it for their own good but to also teach MSME groups in their community as well.  The course is designed to empower learners to be able to use technology wisely and effectively in order to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information. One of the goals of this course is to ensure the target beneficiaries are able to make the effective use of current trending social media.