Cambodia Event Monitoring System (Cam EMS)

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Disease outbreaks can be preventable by having informed information and decisions. In the environment where animals come to interact with humans a lot like in Cambodia, there is a high chance for zoonotic disease to jump across from animal to human and vice versa. In the effort to prevent disease outbreak which might lead to devastation to humankind and threaten livestock production, having One Health Information system in place is essential to ensure that the outbreak is detected and taken action on time before the devastation could happen. 

EMS system is a case tracking system that allows the Communicable Disease Control of MOH and the General Department of Animal Health Production to work in detecting any suspicious outbreak across the country by their current mechanism. However, having the automatic sharing data of the zoonotic in places so that the human and animal disease threat could be potentially eliminated through early warning and early action taken on both animal and human size. The system also allows the management team on both the animal and human size to work more effectively on new policy and decision by providing data dashboard visualization and more real time information of the disease outbreak case happening in the country.

The project aims to Improve event based surveillance for human and animal health in Cambodia by supporting the two ministries with digital platforms and strengthen their capacity and collaboration on zoonotic disease surveillance in Cambodia.