Agriculture SME and Storytelling

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June-September 2019




Within the last few decades, data is proving to be one of the most powerful tools assisting in most of the aspects. This project aims to help bridge the gap between suppliers (farmers) and  buyers by providing a platform where all the data about the farm such as number of products made, price, land size, and other vital information. Creating platform to centralized data aiming to help decision makers, project implementers, agriculture related business and farmers themselves to do their job better by providing data to assist them with their decision.

Facebook page “Agriculture Tales” is created in order to help achieve the goal as well as to document agriculture in cambodia. With all this goal comes another small side project that grows under the roof of this project as well and that is Storytelling. InSTEDD support technical support training youths and teachers how to tell stories through writing and video so that they can be able to contribute content to the facebook page or create their own content for their private purposes in the future.