Suicide Prevention Chatbot

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July-August 2019




Through iCamp for Mental Health which was conducted in 2018 participated by relative of mental health patients, mental health experts, and ministry of health, education is found to be the primary information that people need before accessing services. Service directory is another important thing listed after the education. In the support to make change and educate people on mental health, Suicide Prevention Chatbot has been initiated under cooperation between TPO and InSTEDD to make the initial test and information accessible to people so that they can understand more how serious the situation can be and hopefully to be able to spot people around them of any potential sign for suicidal thought. The chatbot was delivered through a Facebook called Stop Sucide Cambodia (បញ្ឍប់អត្តឃាត). This Facebook page is now run by TPO playing an important role in educating people about mental health as well as suicide.


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