Mental Health Education

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March-December 2018




With the country’s harrowing past, It is estimated that 35% of the country’s population suffers from some form of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. According to a National Report on Health Statistics in 2016, 107,497 mental patients reported to come to seek consultant services and treatment (male: 36,626 ; female: 70,871). However, in Cambodia, Mental Health treatment services are available in just 65 hospitals, 111 health centers and 1 health post. In a country with so few resources in psychiatric available, it is not only difficult to quantify the prevalence of specific illnesses, but also ways of managing them, let alone patients open up about their issues. In fact, what was addressed during iCamp on Mental Health in 2018 which was organized by InSTEDD funded by SPIDER is that people cannot address the mental health because they barely have information of what it is about. From the lens of relative of mental health patients, patient themselves, mental health organization and technologist, raising awareness towards the problem is what should be the first thing to be done. InSTEDD teamed up with Maryknoll Mental Health produce two educational videos illustrating signs for mental health have been created and distributed on social media in the attempt to make people understand more about the issue.

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