Remote Printing for HIV Lab Results

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Cambodia & Mekong Basin Region


To support site office to get the results of a patient immediately, InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia is working partnership with NCHADs to develop Cloud Printing Application which is enable a database lab admin to print the report from the lab directly.

The Cambodia 3.0 strategy seeks to eliminate new HIV infections by 2025. Key programmatic components of Cambodia 3.0 include strengthening HIV case finding, linkages, and retention across the continuum of prevention, care and treatment. Underpinning these programmatic components is the need identify and track individual clients/ patients across the continuum of care (CoC) to track progress towards achieving the UNAIDS 90/90/90 targets by 2020. Starting from 2012 Cambodia ART guidelines recommended routine viral load testing for ART monitoring and the implementation of routine viral load testing started in 2013. The number of routine viral load tests among ART patients is starting to increase dramatically since scaling up.

In early 2017, the Data Management Unit and Laboratory Unit at NCHADS worked together to develop a laboratory system that simplifies sample management and laboratory results on-site to support and reduce the workload of the laboratory staff and the result turnaround time. The results from the laboratory were printed out via the laboratory system, but the speed of returning the result to each site is still dependent on each carrier or email.

As part of this project, InSTEDD iLab SEA supported NCHADs to improve the result turnaround time by using open hardware components (raspberry pi with Thermal printer).

The solution introduced is a Cloud Printing Application that enables a database lab admin to print the report from the lab directly, so that the site can get the results of a patient immediately.