Malaria Day Zero Alert System

The Malaria Day Zero Alert System is a web-based application that can receive malaria case reports through SMS, visualize the collective results on a map, identify reporting errors as well as send SMS notifications to remote field workers.

The challenge:

Malaria is the 5th cause of death from infectious diseases worldwide with sub-Saharan Africa and Asia accounting for 98% of global malaria deaths. Today, nearly half of the world’s population is considered at risk of contracting the disease.  In areas with high transmission, such as Cambodia, the most vulnerable groups are young children, who have not developed immunity to malaria yet, and pregnant women, whose immunity has been decreased by pregnancy.  The costs of malaria – to individuals, families, communities, nations – are enormous.


The tool:

The Malaria Day Zero Alert System is a web based application with SMS capabilities that enables health center workers and village malaria workers to report Malaria cases by sending a simple text message to the Malaria Day Zero Alert System.  The cases are then automatically sent as SMS alerts to system administrators, supervisory health centers, operational districts (OD), Provincial Health Departments (PHD), as well as The National Center for Parasitology, Entomology and Malaria Control or CNM (formerly called National Malaria Center).   The online system also provides the ability to view reports, manage users and places on a map, set up and send template messages, send alerts to groups or individuals, and set thresholds for the number of malaria cases to allow before reports are sent to supervisors.   Once centralized, malaria case reports can be sent to areas where outbreaks are probable, as well as elevated up to the national level where emergency action can be taken if necessary.  


The Malaria Day Zero Alert System connects to CamGSM’s network securely and in a scalable way through our Nuntium technology.


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