HI-PPP: CQI Dashboard Indicator

Provides a visual, dashboard-like display of important information designed to highlight relevant disease indicator trends.

The Challenge:

The National Center for AIDS/HIV, Dermatology and STDs (NCHADS) is a national center in Cambodia that provides public health services for the Cambodian people. The OI/ART (Opportunistic Infection / Antiretroviral Therapy) service is one of the main NCHADS services involved in the treatment of HIV patients. There are currently 53 OI/ART clinics providing treatment services for HIV patients in Cambodia.

Every three months, each health center sends their OI/ART data to the NCHADS headquarters in Phnom Penh. After NCHADS receives the data, they check and analyze the information and create analysis reports. They then provide these reports to each of the sites, so that they can see their progress based on key indicators.

In order to provide indicator information to these clinics, NCHADS must first collect accurate data from the sites, analyse the data, and then send the analysis to the sites in order to help them improve their care. The challenge is to improve the accuracy and speed of this process.

The Tool:

After the health clinics send in their OI/ART data,  NCHADS adds that information into a centralized national database.   One the information is imported, the system will automatically display those sites on a map where the user at NCHADS can observe the location of each health clinic and, by clicking on the icon, see detailed information about the health center’s indicator values.  Data can be entered into the system at any time (for users with appropriate access privileges) and viewed graphically as an indicator summary. Additionally, the team can also design reporting plans and graphically compare the target values with the actual data. By clicking on a specific site on the map, the administrator can also view detailed site information.

The Relationship:

Since 2008, NCHADS and InSTEDD have been working together to develop a system to improve information sharing to support public health outcomes. InSTEDD is actively engaged in Cambodia in support of the National Health Information Systems Strategic plan through a PEPFAR central grant. As part of this collaboration, the iLab Southeast Asia has been providing NCHADS with adaptive technical assistance to support its strategies for future development of Health Information Systems (HIS). In light of this already close relationship, NCHADS utilized the services of the iLab Southeast Asia to develop the CQI Dashboard Indicator Application.