Inventory Alert Tool for Managing Malaria Drugs

Health Center now sends a bi-weekly update Malaria stock levels through SMS

Date: September 2011 — Present
Location: Cambodia
Technology: Resource Map + GeoChat


In September of 2011, we began working with the National Center for Malaria Control, Parasitology and Entomology (CNM), the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) and the Malaria Consortium in order to improve the stock management of malaria treatment drugs.

An important factor in surviving a malaria infection is the quick access to Artemisinin-combination therapies (ACTs) and Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RTDs). Currently, many low-resource communities lack the tools to monitor stock at the peripheral supply chain level. This means they are unable to capture and relay data quickly enough to allow for rapid response and avoidance of stock outs, overstocking and the expiration of ACTs and RDTs.

Throughout this project, we worked with our partners to leverage an SMS/database tool to relay accurate health center stock level data to the Operational District and Provincial Health Departments so that they could better manage how they distributed resources. Each Health Center now sends a bi-weekly update on their stock levels through SMS. The information automatically enters into the online database and through our Resource Map tool. This tool provides visualization of the data, which gives the Operational District and Provincial Health Departments a helpful window into the current stock situations throughout the health centers. With this information, it’s much easier for them to reduce stock outs and over stocking of ACTs and RDTs and better manage their resources.