ICT4D Solution Incubator Cambodia

Period: June 2016 – February 2019 Location: Cambodia Funded by: SPIDER The ICT4D Solution Incubator initiative […]

Period: June 2016 – February 2019
Location: Cambodia
Funded by: SPIDER


The ICT4D Solution Incubator initiative aims to empower Cambodia-based development actors to strategically, effectively and sustainably integrate ICTs in their programs for maximum social impact.

ICT technologies provide an unprecedented way to improve communication flows, increase productivity and reduce costs. Their potential to increase the quality and responsiveness of development interventions as well as enable cost-efficient impact scaling has been widely recognized and many policy papers recommend the integration of ICT technologies in development programs.

The incubator is introduction of two regular support platforms – Open Thursday and iCamp – and two complementary incubator programs – Prototype incubator and Pilot incubator.

Open Thursday designed to serve as an entry point for development actors interested in exploring the possibilities offered by ICTs as well as an avenue for continued support to existing partners. Open Thursdays is take two forms: drop in sessions where interested parties are invited to drop in for general support and guidance or pre-planned events such as ICT4D presentations, tool demos, group trainings or peer learning and networking events.

iCamp is one day rapid prototyping workshops designed to support development actors with the technical design of ICT4D solutions. Participants are paired for the day with iLab designers and developers who assist them in identifying opportunities for ICT integration and offer support with the early design of technically viable concepts.

Prototype Incubator is conceived as a 3-4 month support program that includes personalized design support, software development and field validation support.

Pilot Incubator is conceived as a 6 month to 1-year support program which includes design refinement, training and server hosting and maintenance as well as some direct financial support (up to $5,000 value) helping the partner organization for implementing a pilot.

The project further includes a learning and dissemination component to contribute to raising awareness in the development community. The iLab is documented the various solutions designed, prototyped and piloted through the incubator as well as to disseminate the learning digitally in the form of blogs and case studies.

Innovation Camp:

  1. Education : August 4, 2016 –A one day event that iLab Southeast Asia invited participant from education sectors to discuss about education challenges in order to design and prototype digital solutions together. Under discussion, one challenge idea was raised by Kampuchean Action for Primary Education (KAPE) had been agreed to incubate. Click here to read the blog about Khmer Writing App and Report .
  2. Agriculture:  January 25, 2017 –iCamp, How might we help improve farming production in Cambodia, is a day-long event for those who are working on agriculture and those who understanding of farming production challenges to discuss, design and prototype solutions. Click here to read about iCamp Report and Blog.