Supply Chain of HIV Drugs Assessment

Improve Supply Chain of HIV drugs in Papua New Guinea with the use of Information and Communication Technology

Location: Papua New Guinea
Technology: Nuntium Cloud Service, Nuntium Local Gateway,

Sites place orders that may or may not match patient needs and doctors at sites may or may not be following recommended regimens. Improving order placement can help get the right drugs to the site as well as be used to detect inconsistencies and outliers in drug distribution.

InSTEDD’s tools help:

  • Improve order placement workflow to provide calculated amounts of drugs
  • Use historical stock out and patient population/regimen models (SURV3) together
  • Alert sites and logistic units when outliers in patient regimens occur or when there is wide discrepancy between observed and projected drug use.

InSTEDD’s mobile phone gateways running on Android, which allows the applications to share a Google Android-based ‘gateway’ that sends and receives text messages and stores-and-forwards them to the actual application. This system helps eliminate stock-outs at sites* as well as reduce losses to 0.5% of yearly order* (Includes expiration, pilfering, damage).

<small>*Note that there is no available digital or otherwise baseline information for the above, so it is hard to assess if these goals can be directly translated into realistic objectives.</small>