HI-PPP: Data Integration

Using a combination of a fingerprint identification system and a master patient index, clinics can track patients across multiple systems, ensuring that doctors have the most up-to-date reliable information on their patient's unique needs.

Date: October 2012 – Present
Location: Cambodia
Technology: Custom Tool

The National Center for AIDS/HIV, Dermatology and STDs (NCHADS)
is a national center in Cambodia that provides public health services oriented toward serving the Cambodian people. The VCCT (Voluntary Confidential Counseling and Testing), OI/ART (Opportunistic Infection / Antiretroviral Therapy) and STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) are the main NCHADS services involved in the HIV testing, HIV treatment, STI testing and STI treatment. There are currently 61 OI/ART sites, 237 VCCT sites and 35 STI sites in Cambodia.


To maximize the efficiency of improving patient care across all sites, The InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia continues to work closely with NCHADS to develop technology tools to improve information flow and data management.


The VCCT, OI/ART, and STI site system (“VOISS system”) was created to develop a technology supported system which would link data between the VCCT, OI/ART and STI systems in Cambodia. By using combining a fingerprint-based identification system and a master-patient index, patients can be tracked across the entire NCHADS care system. This system has been developing by InSTEDD and the Royal Government of Cambodia, with funding from PEPFAR’s Health Informatics Public-Private Partnership.