All of our work revolves around a single concept: supporting our vision to continually improve health, safety and sustainable development.



Evaluation and Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping-07

Prototyping for social Impact-06


Conflict Monitoring System-10


In September 2012, with funding from Spider (The Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions), the InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia introduced and extended Verboice, an open-source tool which specializes in using interactive voice response (IVR) to support health, safety and sustainable development work.
Project-Mobile Technology for Improve Family (MOTIF)

MOTIF is a project funded by the Marie Stopes International Innovation Fund, with academic support from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The objectives of MOTIF are to develop, implement and evaluate a mobile phone-based intervention (SMS and phone call) to support post-abortion contraception for clients at four MSIC clinics in Cambodia.
HI-PPP Data Integration

Using a combination of a fingerprint identification system and a master patient index, clinics can track patients across multiple systems, ensuring that doctors have the most up-to-date reliable information on their patient's unique needs.
Project-Private Sector Referral System

Web-based application that will enable private providers to message information about each referred patient into an online database.
Project-HI-PPP CQI Dashboard Indicator

A web-based CQI Dashboard Indicator application which provides indicator information in real-time to all of the sites.
Project-HIV Patient Data Aggregation

Combine all the data from the HIV clinic’s into their centralized database allowing them to export all the information in a single Excel Spreadsheet.
Project-Inventory Alert Tool for Managing Malaria Drugs

Health Center now sends a bi-weekly update Malaria stock levels through SMS

Project-Zoonotic Disease Tracking

Sharing disease information between Cambodia Communicable Disease Control (CDC) Rapid Response Teams (RRTs) and the National Veterinary Research Institute (NaVRI).
Project-Rural Tuberculosis Testing and Treatment

In the SMS-based TB Lab Results Alert System, once the TB tests are analyzed, the results can be reported immediately to the health centers in real time using text messages on mobile phones.
Project-Malaria Surveillance Alert System

Web-based application that enables health center staff and village malaria workers to report malaria cases via SMS text alerts to a centralized system.

Project-SMS Health Education In Lao PDR

Use GeoChat as a primary way for their headquarters to stay in touch with over 50 staff members.
Project-Malaria Reporting in Lao PDR

Reports consist of critical malaria drug stock information, geographic locations and the number of patient cases from the villages and health centers.
Project-Routine Infectious Disease Reporting

Using a combination of GeoChat and the Reporting Wheel, 18 health centers in the Kien Svay Operational District (OD) are able to use SMS to easily and rapidly send in their weekly disease reports to their respective headquarters.
Project-HIV Mobile Appointment Reminders

A tool which enables home-based care workers to track and remind HIV/AIDS patients to attend appointments.
Project-Health Informatics Public Private Partnership

Focused on first building local capacity in ICT portfolio management, architecture, and integration and then funding specific changes to health systems as planned by each country using these approaches.
Project-GeoChat for Event  Alerting

MEDiCAM has been using our GeoChat tool as a communication channel to connect their NGO members to share upcoming events and notifications.
Project-National Outbreak Rapid Response Team Coordination

By using rapid SMS communications, the response staff is able to chat on the go and stay up to date with what is going on where and with who, is as close to real time as possible.
Project-Rapid Response Team Directory Mobile Phone Application

The application allows the user to search for the Rapid Response Team member’s name or drill down the health structure hierarchy to view to Rapid Respond Team hotline contacts.
Project-Animal Disease Surveillance System

Track trends and identify issues in significantly less time than before the system.