Consulting & Project Support

We are focused on helping our partners  use collaboration technology to address health, safety and development issues.  By combining our experience using technology to solve problems in the humanitarian field with your direct knowledge of the specific problem or set of issues confronting your organization, we’ll work together towards designing a solution that fits your needs.


No two places, problems, or cultures are exactly alike. What worked in one situation might be an absolute failure in another.  We don’t approach your project with preconceived ideas of what has to be done. A fresh look is our first step.  

Our work revolves around a human-centered design approach that involves listening openly to customers, final users, and experts.
We involve users in the process  throughout each step, so that we can learn fast and correct our course quickly and frequently while innovating together. We believe that everything can be built in smaller, useful parts, delivering value in weeks and not years.  


Whether you need help refining your idea, doing user-centered field design, defining a new architecture, or building open-source extensible software, our experience in platforms ranging from mobile applications to robust web services can add value to your project.  Maybe all you need is a well-designed Excel spreadsheet, maybe you need a distributed set of high-availability web services.  Our goal is to find a solution that is efficient, effective and right for you.




  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Java
  • .net
  • php




  • Mobile: sms, j2me, android, iPhone
  • Desktop: Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Web applications
  • Web services
  • We integrate as needed with platforms commonly used in humanitarian scenarios such as openmrs, sahana, javarosa, etc.




  • Human-centered interaction design
  • Architecture
  • Software development
  • Data visualization



Areas of Work

  • Health care and public health
  • Crisis preparedness and response
  • Applications for resource-limited environments