Network: Mobile Communications

ETL - Laos PDR

The company: Lao ETL Communications is Lao’s largest mobile operator. Their mission is committed to serving society, assuring national safety, and comprehensively strengthening its organizational quality.


The relationship: Lao ETL is deploying InSTEDD’s tools for nationwide reach as part of their innovative approach to social responsibility and in support of the public health efforts of the Government of Laos.  They provide InSTEDD a national gateway in order to support the scale, speed and robustness of InSTEDD’s technologies.

Website: http://www.etllao.com



The organization: CamGSM Co. Ltd. has been Cambodia’s leading telecommunications provider since 1997. Catering to a society that is embracing technological development, CamGSM offers its customers a total telecommunications package that includes mobile, broadband wireless, Internet and portal services via its subsidiaries Mobitel, TeleSurf and Everyday.


The relationship: We have been collaborating with CamGSM since April 2011. CamGSM provided us with a gateway number so that our technologies can effectively support health programs in Cambodia on a large scale. Through our Malaria Consortium Cambodia and National Center for Parasitology, Entomology and Malaria Control (CNM) projects, CamGSM provided us with free in-network SMS as well as free non-expiry SIM cards for CNM’s grassroots health staff. The connection to CamGSM is managed in a scalable and secure way with InSTEDD’s Nuntium technology.

Website: http://www.cellcard.com.kh/en/index.php


Smart Mobile

The company: Smart Mobile is an rapidly growing wireless operator in Cambodia. Their mission is to become one of Cambodia’s leading mobile service providers. Using innovative products and services, they aim to provide their customers with a unique brand experience and maintain consistently high customer satisfaction levels.


The relationship: We have been collaborating with Smart Mobile since early 2009, providing low-cost access to SMS applications such as GeoChat country-wide and supporting voice and location-based services for the Cambodian Ministry of Health, other Ministries, and NGOs operating throughout the country. Our applications connect to Smart Mobile’s gateways using Nuntium and Verboice.

Website: http://www.smart.com.kh/en/