National Veterinary Research Institute, Department of Animal Health and Production (NaVRI)

The organization: The Department of Animal Health and Production (DAHP) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) is responsible for animal health services and has the major role in the management of animal health disease outbreaks in Cambodia. Veterinary epidemiological and diagnostic services within DAHP are provided by the National Animal Veterinary Research Institute (NaVRI). The mandate of NaVRI is to conduct surveillance and research, investigate disease outbreaks, and consolidate information on all matters pertaining to animal health and production and food safety.  

The relationship: We worked with the National Veterinary Research Institute (NaVRI) on their animal surveillance system, to develop a new prototype and conduct field evaluations of an automated national animal surveillance system using smart phones.  We developed a hotline application for the hotline operator used to easily capture the information that a caller on the hotline was reporting.  The operator put the information into the smartphone application we developed while the caller reported the information, therefore setting up a near real time information capture system.