Kean Svay Operational District

The organization:
Kean Svay Operational District disseminates the health policies of Ministry of Health and the government to the local health facilities, citizens, local authorities, so that they’re informed of the policies, strategies and planning that they can help implemented.

The relationship:
Since 2010, the iLab Southeast Asia team has collaborated and support the Kean Svay OD to utilize InSTEDD’s Reporting Wheel and GeoChat for infectious diseases reporting. Using a combination of GeoChat and the Reporting Wheel, 18 health centers in the Kien Svay Operational District (OD) are able to use SMS to easily and rapidly send in their weekly disease reports to their respective headquarters. These health centers are using GeoChat to facilitate public health communications about more than a dozen infectious diseases in 3 different districts of Cambodia: Kien Svay, Leuk Daek, and Lvea Aem.