The organization: CamGSM Co. Ltd. has been Cambodia’s leading telecommunications provider since 1997. Catering to a society that is embracing technological development, CamGSM offers its customers a total telecommunications package that includes mobile, broadband wireless, Internet and portal services via its subsidiaries Mobitel, TeleSurf and Everyday.


The relationship: We have been collaborating with CamGSM since April 2011. CamGSM provided us with a gateway number so that our technologies can effectively support health programs in Cambodia on a large scale. Through our Malaria Consortium Cambodia and National Center for Parasitology, Entomology and Malaria Control (CNM) projects, CamGSM provided us with free in-network SMS as well as free non-expiry SIM cards for CNM’s grassroots health staff. The connection to CamGSM is managed in a scalable and secure way with InSTEDD’s Nuntium technology.

Website: http://www.cellcard.com.kh/en/index.php