Malaria Day Zero Alert System Pilot Training

posted on: November 1, 2011

day-3 reporting model has proved to be an effective mechanism for
reporting cases by SMS, and in light of the move towards the elimination
of malaria in Cambodia, it has been decided to scale up the system
day-0 reporting of all Pf cases from VMWs and health facilities. As the
number of cases will be higher for day-0 than day-3 and given the
probable need for more widespread implementation it has been decided to
move to a more robust internet based platform.

Malaria Day Zero Alert System is a web base application with SMS service that  enable the health center staff (HC) and village malaria worker (VMW)
to send malaria case reporting  from the village or health center via
SMS to the system and make automatic SMS alert to supervised health
center, operational district (OD), Provincial heath department(
National Level or System Administrator. Online system also provide
ability to view  report, manage users and places, set threshold,  send
alert to group or individual, and templates message setting. The project
is currently being hosted with url

The training has been trained to the user in Kampot province users from 1st to 5th of August 2011. All the user get one cell phone and Mobitel SIM card.
Bellow are some of the HC training activities in Chhuk OD:


And here are the activities of system training to VMWs in Chhum kiri OD. CNM provide solar panel & cell phone with mobitel number for doing report to each VMW. Solar panel is used to charge the cell phone.


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